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"The Corstorphine 8.30 Golf Club", A History by Jack Mills may be purchased from the Treasurer by members for a mere £5.

Selected excerpts from this limited edition history of the Club will be published below from time to time.

"Before the club was officially founded, eight of the train travellers who intended to join, subscribed one shilling each, in the £.s.d money of the day, to finance a hole-and-hole competition in May and June of 1924. This was won by R S Watson who beat D Morton in the final. Watson received two ‘Splendid’ golf balls and Morton one. The prizes depleted the eight shillings collected by 6/6d, leaving a balance of 1/6d to go towards the finances of the club once it got under way.”

“At the first annual meeting of the club in the Committee Room of the Corstorphine Public Hall on 23rd January 1925, the Secretary reported a successful first year and, wearing his Treasurer’s hat, indicated that the club was financially sound with a credit balance to be carried forward - a balance of 9d.”

“Friendly though the competiton may have been, no-one was allowed to get away with anything. This is pointed up by the report of the 1925 outing to Kinghorn which records that the Secretary was disqualified for a breach of the Rules by pulling up a dandelion from the 15th green before putting.”

“At the September 1941 outing to Ratho Park the club Captain, W T Henderson, made a donation of a dozen new-laid eggs, which in those days of food rationing was a special treat. As it happened 12 members attended the outing so they all had an egg for their tea.”