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"The Corstorphine 8.30 Golf Club", A History by Jack Mills may be purchased from the Treasurer by members for a mere £5.

Selected excerpts from this limited edition history of the Club will be published below from time to time.

"In October 1925 the first annual dinner was held in Pfeiffer's Rooms, 82 Great King Street. For that dinner the Committee decided the Chairman should have a gavel. Whether this was to underline his authority or whether it was felt he might need such an aid to deal with a high spirited company is not recorded. Whatever the reason, a gavel was bought from Woolworth's for 6d. It was a good six-penny worth for that same gavel still bangs the table to bring members to order today.”

“In 1930 the 8.30 Club, noting the formation of the Ladies 1.4 Golf Club of Corstorphine, presented them with a ten shilling note to be played for as their Committee thought fit and to "encourage the ladies in their new pursuits of recreation". Thanking the Club for their generosity the 1.4 Secretary intimated that the gift would be termed the 8.30 prize. The donation was made each year until the 1.4 Club was disbanded on the outbreak of war nine years later.”

“During the rest of the 1930s the minute book faithfully records outings to various courses and how the club fared in matches, more of which later. Then comes this entry: "Haddington, 2nd September 1939. Owing to the practical certainty of the outbreak of hostilities this outing had to be cancelled." A line is drawn under this entry, then the following note appears: "War was declared against Germany on Sunday, 3rd September at 11.15am".”

“In November 1946 the club combined the twenty-third annual general meeting with a "Welcome Home Dinner to Our Returned Members of H.M. Forces". Things were getting back to normal. Underlining this was the resumption of Secretary and Treasurer duties by Eric Stoddart after six years in the Army.”